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This is where you'll find reviews of some of the great FREEWARE Aircraft that's out there!
FS2004 MiG-29 Fulcrum  Accurate FSDS model with full moving parts, extremely detailed, virtual cockpit, photoreal textures and panel, effects.  7 differents models and 9 textures.
Model, panel and textures by Eduardo Fadul,  Flight dynamics by Dennis Seeley, Effects by Rob Barendregt, Video by Grover
Read The Review Posted Aug 11, 2005
Piaggio P.166DL3/SEM/APH  Design & Artwork by Mario Noriega
For use with FS 2004 or 2002 (not tested) This model comes with animated gears, dampers, propellers, doors, and control surfaces, and also has a Dynamic Clickable VC.
Read The Review  Posted Aug 10, 2005
FS2004 DSB Freeware - NORTHROP F-20   The Northrop F-20 Tigershark is a Mach 2 class single-seat light fighter designed for export sales in the 1980's. The F-20 combined propulsion, electronics and armament technologies with improvements in reliability to sustain high sortie rates in adverse weather providing a fighter on par with the F-16A. By DSB Design. Repacked by Keith Moore
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Kawanishi H6K "Mavis" - This is the second large-scale flying boat that Kawanishi produced.  A long and slender main wing of aspect ratio 9.7 is adopted. Because Type 97 adopted a small body, a triangular prop is put up in two places in the body upper part and it ties to the main wing and the prop was diagonally extended from the lower side of the body and the main wing was supported. Two kind of airframes(Civilian type and Military type) are included.  Developer - Kazunori Ito.
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XB-35 Flying Wing   Here's a Freeware add on that is one of a kind, just like the aircraft itself!  The X-35 Flying Wing.  The original "Stealth Bomber"!  This model is by Kazunori Ito back in 2003.  The external modelling is really well done.  This particular model bristle with guns.  Control surfaces work and each engine is equipped with two counter-rotating propellors, which are rendered quite nicely also.  The work that went into the external model is obvious.
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FS2004 Socata TB-21TC Trinidad GT. A single engine, Turbo charged 4-5 place lightplane. Reg_ID: N725TB. A complete package with 2D Panel, VC, Sound, HTML Check & Ref Lists. Designed in FSDS 2.24 with complete animation. Features Opening gull doors, night lighting, reflective textures and more. Design by Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell and Bob May -  Premier Aircraft Design.
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Brunner Winkle Bird Model CK for FS9 by Golden Age Simulations.  This is a re-release of the earlier publish of the Brunner Winkle Bird Models OX5 and BK. It represents the CK owned by Cole Palen of the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome and is meant to compliment Joe Binkas ORA Scenery Package. A Paint Kit is included and repaints are permitted. This model is freeware may not be sold.  It also may not be redistributed,repackaged without express permission from Golden Age Simulations.
Copywrite 12/31/2005   Golden Age Simulations
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The Bell 47    This helicopter has provided life saving and other activities as well as being  the first helicopter approved for civilian use. It was a life saver in the Korean war and its use in bringing wounded soldiers straight from the battlefield to MASH units was immeasurable in terms of lives saved.  Recognized  in movies and on tv shows, it has an infamous following as a world renowned helicopter and has a widely recognized and important role in aviation history.  Original design by: Jean-Marie Mermaz  Repaint and Rework of the reflective textures and transparencies (not the original ones but the ones by Ulrich Ferner) by: John  Blankenship
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FS2002/FS2004 Fokker G-1 Mercury  This aircraft is the one developed for hunting in the Netherlands.  It was used as a light bomber afterwards. Two kinds of paint example(Netherland and Germany) are included.  by Kazunori Ito
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This classic British trainer made its first flight on October 26, 1931. It is one of a number of models of light aircraft named for moths in recognition of designer Geoffrey de Havilland's interest in moths and butterflies. It became popular with air forces throughout the United Kingdom as well as the civilian aviation market. In Britain, 8,101 were manufactured plus 2,751 more in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. During WWII, most Royal Air Force pilots trained in Tiger Moths including Americans who flew with the Eagle Squadrons before the U.S. entered the war.  We hope you enjoy flying the Tiger Moths as much as we did in creating them!!  )  Lynn and Bill Lyons Custom Classic Aircraf
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Golden Age Simulations 1929 WACO Taperwing Package  Installation:  Unzip the file to a temporary folder of your choice and then copy and paste each folder into your FS9 main Aircraft folder  By: Paul Corish and Gil Halpin
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