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Seahawk & Boxer - New!
By Aerosoft
Sept 2, 2005
An exiting combination of the venerable Seahawk helicopter (in the US Navy version and the export version) and the USS Boxer, the WASP class amphibious support ship.

The Seahawk/Jayhawk is a specially-equipped, naval derivative of the renowned H-60 Blackhawk. It is used as a platform for the Light Airborne Multi-Purpose Subsytem (LAMPS) Mark III mission, and has earned its reputation as an excellent fully integrated air/ship weapons platform. But it also serves as a VIP transport, ship to shore transport (VERTREP), Search and Rescue (SAR) and ambulance (Medivac) platform. Highly versatile and far more stable then the Blackhawk it is a reliable workhorse of the US navy and coast guard.
The USS Boxer is capable of landing 2000 marines and providing them with all the air support and provisions they need for several days. A self supporting army capable of invading any coastal country but also a very powerful humanitarian force as is recently shown in South East Asia in the Tsunami relief efforts. The LHD ships are built to deliver stores to coastal regions without any infrastructure so they are perfect for delivering aid to a community that is devastated. The large supplies, excellent medical facilities, organisation and communications make the USS Boxer a floating city that can inflict serious damage and repair serious damage. The ship in FS has detailed lighting for night operations and will be available at 8 locations worldwide. The level of detail of the ship is such as not seen before. From the animated radars, to the forklift trucks and battery carts on deck, it's all there. The USS Boxers gives you ten highly exiting floating airports all over the world!

Special Features Seahawk

Four Vector designed Multi-Function Displays (scalable to 4800 pixels)
Augmented Stability and Control System (Automatic Flight Control System)
Highly realistic Auto Hover System (with 3 axis depart modes)
Tested and highly accurate flight model (yet fully flyable for novices)
Pilot Flight Display with three modes (hover / HSI / map)
Nav Display with 7 modes (include user defined navigation points)
Will fly all FS2004 flight plans
Total interactive and fully functional Virtual Cockpit
Six 2D panels, designed for multi screen cockpits
7 models, 13 textures
US navy Seahawk, US Coast Guard Jayhawk and export models included
High def sound set by MeatWater studios
Extensive manual, assisting novice pilots understanding helicopter flight
HTML formatted check lists, briefing files etc
And of course, all fully Gmax and animated etc...

Special Features USS Boxer

Unprecedented level of detail (over 750.000 polygons)
Highly accurate lighting system
High detail deck objects
Navigation aids
Locations San Francisco, New York, Miami, Gibraltar, Iraq, Norfolks, Hamburg, London
Includes additional scenery in the form of military bases, oil rigs, sinking boats,
With every ship there is a assignment so you can increase your skills.

Printed english manual included.

System requirements:

Microsoft Flugsimulator 2004
Pentium 2,5 GHz or faster
400 MB free hard disk space
512 MB RAM
3D graphic card with at least 64 MB, recommended 256 MB
Sound card

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