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Wilco Publishing announces Wilco Fleet : A400M The New Generation Airlifter
Wilco Publishing announces
Wilco Fleet : A400M
The New Generation Airlifter

A400M offers a modern, multi-role airlifter which will replace the
ageing fleets of C-130 Hercules and C-160 Transall in service around the
This new aircraft guarantees superior performance and characteristics
as compared to competitors : double load capacity, greater cruising
speed and range, optimum capabilities for low-altitude flights.

ē Detailed 2D and 3D Interactive Virtual Cockpit, fully clickable
ē Interior : cargo/transporter for humanitarian/medical operations
ē New generation Airbus MCDU (FMS), SIDs and STARs included
ē Step-by-step procedures guide included
ē Fly-By-Wire, TCAS,...

Wilco Fleet : A400M will be available as DOWNLOAD and CD VERSIONS.
Price and availability will be soon announced.

Wilco Publishing is the publisher of simulation software : Wilco
Fleet A380, Caravan!, ERJ 145 and CRJ 2004 series, Airport 2002/2000
series, A320 Pilot in Command, 767 Pilot in Command, Tahiti Scenery and Grand
Canyon add-ons to Microsoft Flight Simulator, Wilco> '> s 737 for Fly!,
and Hangsim, a PC-based glider simulation. Its titles have received
worldwide awards for e.a. Best Aircraft and Best Panel.
Wilco takes its name from the aeronautical abbreviation for "Will
Comply. "
Founded in 1997, Wilco Publishing can be reached at Release Page.html,35.953488,-120.186047,39.127907&size=s
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