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Farmington, CT USA  July 18th, 2005 - Shockwave Productions, the critically acclaimed developer of Wings of Power, announced today the imminent release of the latest Wings of Power aircraft, the Focke Wulf 190 “Butcher Bird” for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004®.

“When this aircraft appeared on the scene the British were unable to put anything in the sky to effectively counter it.  It was the most maneuverable WWII aircraft ever produced, and with its higher top speed and climb rate, it could decide when and where to fight.  The aircraft is just so beautiful to experience.  The visuals and sound just make cruising anywhere so enjoyable, but it is a true thoroughbred performer.  Like all of our aircraft built with Absolute Realism technology, every variant performs exactly as it should in all flight regimes.  Watch the forums ( for screenshots and the latest developments,” said Tim Gallagher of Shockwave Productions.

Built with “Absolute realism” flight technology
Can be flown “by the book”
Built with rare historical flight test reports
“Absolute Realism” means the entire flight envelope is modeled via the actual pilot’s training manuals
Authentic cruise performance under various conditions with realistic fuel economy
Absolute Realism even delivers authentic “distance-to-altitude” performance under various power settings
High engine torque means full power cannot be applied with brakes on or aircraft will “nose over”
Gorgeously constructed aircraft, inside and out, down to the last rivet
Professionally recorded and mastered engine sounds
Realistic, deep radial engine characteristics captured inside and out at all power levels
Stall buffet, canopy, ground roll, flaps, gyro, and authentic cockpit wind
Both modern and veteran warbird pilots helped create the “feel” of flight
“Wings of Power “Special Effects” package includes:
Historically accurate lighting for stunning nighttime visuals
Realistic startup visuals modeled after the real aircraft
Belly landings with realistic effects and physics programming

Additional Wings of Power information can be found at

Shockwave Productions specializes in the development and publication of flight simulations, strategy games, visual effects and sound. The company is a North American based company in Farmington, Connecticut.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Release Page.html,35.953488,-120.186047,39.127907&size=s
Wings of Power: Focke Wulf 190 “Butcher Bird
Released by Shockwave Productions
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