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One Of My Early "Nose Art" Works
I had always wanted to try oil painting, for many years.  I used to watch Bob Ross on his half hour show, paint up a simple, but beautiful work of art, and he made it look so easy!  What kept me from giving it a shot, was thinking that it would cost a small fortune to start from scratch.  A 1-1/4 oz. tube of paint was more than a good shot of  Irish whiskey!

I was in some sort of craft store with my wife a couple of years ago, pushing the cart along and following with a glazed expression on my face, when through the fog of my daydreaming, I saw art supplies.  There were some simple starter kits, cheap packs of assorted brushes, (some of which I still use!), a packed bundle of assorted paints,"student grade" (they didn't have "Doodle Grade") and some cardboard type canvas'  that came in packs of three.  After some quick math, I figured what the heck, I could do some experimenting, and see if I could slop some paint onto a surface and see if it resembled anything recognizable! 

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This was the second Aviation piece I did, and about the fifth piece in what I had done up to that point.  I was kind of surprised to see that it actually resembled a plane and a human!  Nothing spectacular, but OK to look at!  Here's a link to a couple of other pieces I've done.     WARNING!!!  They are Non-Aviation related.  Do not be afraid!  Just kidding!  They are non-aviation related, but hey, I'm real good friends with the editor!  Click Here To See A Couple More Of My Works.

When I get some beter quatlity shots, I'll have more works and larger views for you. I was just eager to share some of  them with all of you!  Don't bother to click on the pic for a larger view.  Larger images didn't look too good so the small pics are it for now!  Hope you like them!

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