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BirdsEyeView (BEV), literally transforms every part of the ground scenery of FS2004 into the most life-like urban and global textures you'll ever experience. The best part is... you'll get a completely new flight simulator experience with NO LOSS in framerate or performance!

The ground breaking techniques used in our product are the result of over three years of painstaking graphic design work by our world-class artists. A deep understanding of the FS2004 texture engine has allowed us to create textures that rarely cause that dreaded "repeating tile" effect. You also won't find any "leopards" using BEV

Now when you fly, it will be as though you're above real cities with true-to-life residential, inner-city, rural, desert and wilderness areas. Watch suburbs come alive with more realistic trees, streetscapes, golf courses, parks, water features and buildings as close to the real thing as you'll ever experience in any PC flight simulator.

It gets better! The clever layout of the BEV textures makes the autogen scenery engine behave exactly the way it was meant to do, with beautiful tree-lined avenues, streets and with neat rows of houses, factories and  other building as you'd expect them to appear.

These are not photo images or huge satellite images, and neither will they  consume multiple gigabytes of disk space on your hard drive. There are no massively long loading times or special fs9.cfg settings to be tweaked. BirdsEyeView takes no more space and no more time to load than the standard FS2004 textures and scenery!


Complete texture replacement for FS2004 which covers the globe
An easy-to-use configurator allowing you to choose multiple textures!

The most realistic looking city and urban landscapes ever seen
Gives COMPLETE continents an upgrade, not just cities or areas

Also replaces important rural, desert and wilderness textures
Adds new trees, streams, and a bonus water|reflection set
Adds new optional water for sea and inland rivers, and new railway lines
Adds fantastic NEW autogen housing and buildings!

Zero impact on frame rates; massive impact on WOW FACTOR!

Works with Ultimate Terrain, FSGenesis (Mesh|LC) and NuRoads
Works with FE2004, ASV and other environmental addons
Completely safe to use with any existing FS addon you now own

To be released in Continent/Season packs, at only US$12 a pack!

A new standard in FS2004 virtual scenery has been set!

Over the next few weeks, leading up to an October 1st release of USA-Canada Summer Volume 1, you can access this website to gain all of the latest news, beta reports, screenshots, videos - and by registering and participating in our forum, stay one step ahead with the latest news.

This is one of the most talked about pre-release addons in 2005 and we're just as excited as you are!

Welcome To A Brand New World
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Introducing the most remarkable enhancement for Flight Simulator 2004 since the release of the product itself - BirdsEyeView!
Posted Sept 13, 2005
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