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Autogen Adjustments: A Facelift for the European Landscape!
FScene continues Operation Clean Sweep...
Released: USA&Canada and Europe. Next: Australa&Nw-Zealand

We all know what autogen does

What it does:

Through the use of automatically generated (autogen) scenery, Microsoft Flight Simulator displays buildings and vegetation throughout the simulated world.

What we do:

Ruud Faber explains: "The reason for this operation is, that not all autogen items appear in the correct place in FScene. FScene looks even better with all the houses in a row and trees alongside the roads.

Not many complaints though, but i suppose i am a perfectionist, so i learned how to annotate the Autogen items and, it's true, FScene looks even better with all houses in a row and trees alongside the roads. Now I love flying low and slow, even under 2000 ft."'s the second free "Autogen Adjustment" Patch: for FScene-Europe.

The second in a row of 6 free patches. It will adjust the autogen placement to the FScene textures. Before the end of November the whole FScene world should be covered.

Up to now Autogen Adjustments have been released for: USA & Canada and Europe. Next release will be for Australia & New Zealand.

FScene users always get free downloads, visit the FScene website for full information (Main Menu/Patches). .
Important:The FScene "Autogen Adjustment" Patches only put all Autogen items in the right place. If you are no longer satisfied with the default houses, buildings, roads, waves etc. search the known FS databases. They provide many free autogen addons for the total FS environment.

WorldPack users.

Note for WorldPack owners: For the time being there can't be a special Patch for you, so please apply those mentioned. If you get them all, your FS world will be clean and neat before the end of November.

Again, FScene users always get free downloads, visit the FScene website for full information (Main Menu/Patches).

FScene - Critically Acclaimed and World Wide Supported by a.o.

You'll find FScene not only on the internet but also as boxed CD's in known FS/Games shops all over the world.

The special pricelist for download files is still valid! - Spectacular Bundle Deals:

1 season Ä 15.00 Ä 19.00
* 4 seasons Ä 36.00 Ä 76.00
* 8 seasons Ä 44.00 Ä 152.00

About FScene

This innovative software transforms the default scenery textures of Flight Simulator 2004/2002 to something with far greater realism. Mountains, forests, jungles and deserts take on a new 3-dimensional feel; the countryside is subtly transformed and urban areas look more... urbane. The world's continents are improved across the four seasons as the generic ground textures are replaced with more realistic ones.

The program is replacing thousands of ground-textures with new texture files, that are specially designed to match the characteristics of the landscape on the different continents much better than the default ones do... Additionally, a special drawing technique applied to the textures gives them almost the impression of being three-dimensional. No matter if you fly over cities, springtime meadows, Carribean Islands, or south american rainforrest, FScene will turn every flight into an optical experience of enhanced realism.

FScene includes spring, summer, autumn and winter textures to give your flying a makeover that lasts all year! Frame rate-friendly textures won't slow your flying down!
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