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Hooking Up With The Server
By Farmboyzim
Flying on Farmboyzim's Multiplayer Server is so easy, there's no reason why I shouldn't see you up there in the blue!  Here's a few simple steps to get you up and flying in the "Virtual Skies" with "Virtual Companions"!
1.  Start MSFS 2004

2.  Select Multiplayer from the  
     menu on the left
3.  Type in your player name or 
     callsign for others to see.

4.  Enter the CURRENT IP
     Address into the IP Address
     box.  Make sure you check the status of the server for the CURRENT IP Address.

5.  Click the Search button. 
6.  After hitting the Search
     button, you'll see the
     server info in the Session

7. Click the Join button.
8.  After you click Join, you'll 
     be back at the Multiplayer
     Screen, with an additional
     window.  This is the Chat
     Window.  Leave it be for
9. Here's the stuff you should
     already be familiar with!  Create
     your flight.  Remember to place
     your aircraft in a parking area or
     ramp, NOT on the active runway,
     just in case someones on final.
10.  That's all there is to it!  You are in!  Once in the aircraft, you will see the chat window.  It can be moved and resized, to your liking.  As new players come up, their names will be announced in the chat window, along with a message along the top of your screen.  Type  ?help  in the bottom box and click send.  This will bring up a help dialogue in the use of the chat commands (shortcuts) that are available.  This box is also where you enter your message to the other players in the game.
11.  Clicking the Send button will
       cause your message to be
       displayed in the main window. 
       The window on the right 
       displays current flyer's on the  
12.  To close the chat window, click the X in the upper right corner.  To reopen the window, press the ALT key.  This will bring up the menu.  Go to Flights, then Multiplayer, and then Chat Window.  You'll also find a settings option here that's pretty self explanatory.

That's all there is to it!
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