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Military or Government "Heavies" can be found here.  This catagory covers both prop and jet heavies.  
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This Plane/Panel Combo is from a USAF KC135E model Aircraft 57-2607 which was owned by the Pennsylvania Air National Guard 171st Air Refueling Wing.The Plane is v1.8 Model build in GMAX, with Pennsylvania Air National Guard and Camouflage textures, reflections, night lighting with PDI lights; completely new flight dynamics; animated flaps, ailerons, elevators, spoilers, rudder, refueling boom, gear with steerable nose wheels; separate landing and taxi lights Model,textures and FDE Original by Rok Dolenec. Also includes a Custom Panel with Custom Gauges (Com 1/Nav 1, Com 2/Nav 2, Radio Altimeter,Transponder, ADF, Auto Pilot, Fully Functional Throttle Quadrant, Landing Gear Panel, Engine Start Panel,2D Views. Original by Chuck Grimes,Arne Bartels,Jean-Pierre Langer,Chuck Dome.     Click Here To Download Aircraft
Antonov AN-124 Sovjet Air Force  When it was first flown on Dec 26, 1982, the AN-124 was the largest aircraft in the world.With a bit of knowledge gleaned from the AN-22 and the C-5 Galaxy by Lockheed, the design of the AN-124 had a good head start.Each of the four Lotarev D-18T turbofan engines puts out a massive 51,590 pounds of thrust.  In 1987, the AN-124 began its service with the Soviet Air Force.  Over 25 had been built by 1989.  A max cruising speed of 537 mph and a range with its max payload is 2,795 miles.
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Antonov AN-225 Sovjet Space Agency FS2004 Antonov An225 GMAX version with many animated parts, high detail 3dmodel and highlight reflections (for the "unusual" animations read the install.txt).  Model by Thomas Ruth, FDE by Thomas Ruth and Alex Kvitta
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Aero C 3A/Siebel 204D  for FS 2004  Multipurpose transport airplane Siebel 204D was produced in the Czech territory during the Second World War. After liberation in 1945 the production continued in the factory AERO, basic versions were named "Aero C 3" and "Aero C 103". 179 planes were built.They were used as transport, bombers and the version "C 3A" as a trainer - pilots and navigators of Ilyushin Il-28's remember their beginings with "Siebel".  Author - copyright by : Jan Moravec 
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FS2004 - Stealth B2 Spirit full package 3.0  Stealth B2 full package 3.0 for fs9. New accurate GMAX Model full moving parts, Dynamic Shine Effects and Reflective textures. Landing Light and Lighting Effects. Accurate Sound. Visually realistic panel included 3 multi function display, 18 working monitor switches, switchable GPWS, fictional meteo radar, fuel computer, help on-line and much more. Specific Fs2004 flight dynamics. By Ruggero Osto. 
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B58 Hustler Author : Massimo Altieri This aircraft was the first operational nuclear bomber capable of supersonic speed, built in 1956; it won a lot of performance records and influenced heavily the cold war. The model was realized using FSDS2 and is my first model; it has many animated parts, original 2d panel and a full dynamic virtual cockpit with all required gauges.  Sounds (included) are derived from the original sounds by Mike Hambly. No extra files needed.
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FS2004 Handley Page Victor Mark One package by Chris Hodgson  This package was originally intended to be payware, with sounds, VC and panel and also to include the Mark twos. Unfortunately things didnt work out that way and I never found the time to finish the job, so here is the unfinshed project. Externally it is mostly complete, but there is no VC, Panel or sounds. I recommend David Maltbys VC10 sounds and Kazunori Itos Victor Panel.
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Lockheed C-130 Hercules USAF for FS2004 - Military transport and transport aircraft.Full moving part (including doors, ramp). Full interior, VC, panel, sound. Gmax model, textures, panel -  Vladimir Zhyhulskiy.
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FS2002/FS2004 Gotha Go244.  Glider Go242 for the invasion obtained the authorization of the German Air Ministry because it had the load capacity three times that of the transportation glider DFS230 that German army was using till then. The airframe to which this machine also had had power was developed as well as other gliders for the invasion. Because obtaining a large amount of Gnome Rhone 14M engines after France surrendered just became possible, this was installed and the Go244 that had a fixed undercarriage was developed.  All these gliders with power were reconfigured from powerless type Go242B.   By Kazunori Ito.
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