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FlightOne ATR 72-500
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Have you ever wanted to fly for a major airline? Fancy travelling the world, being responsible for millions of pounds worth of material and for the safety and comfort of hundreds of passengers? Wouldn't it be great if you could do it in FS2004?  Now you can. Airliner Pilot is a unique piece of software that puts you into control of an airliner in your own fictional airline.  Starting as a Junior First Officer in the right-hand seat seat of a turboprop aircraft you'll make your way through a pilot's career.  Your airline will assign you routes to fly according to your rank and aircraft allowances.  With growing experience and successful flying you will gain type ratings for larger aircraft on longer routes and eventually be promoted to take the Captain's place in the left-hand seat.
The ultimate regional jet for FS2004
Highly detailed ERJ 145LR exterior model with virtual cabin
Framerate friendly dynamic virtual cockpit with rain effect and custom programmed instruments
Photorealistic 2D panel with 5 photorealistic subpanels
Ultrarealistic flight model created by a real ERJ pilot
Free repaints
First time ever a non Wilco developed airplane got the right for using the PIC "Pilot In Command" brand name ensuring the highest quality. Listening to our customers feelThere decided to update the already popular ERJ. We went even further and created one of the most detailed airplane ever made for MSFS. The team included real ERJ pilots, senior programmers and some graphics artists from the feature film industry.
AVIATION TOP 100 - www.avitop.com Avitop.com
The Flight One ATR 72-500
After over 15,000 man hours of work, research, and planning, Flight One Software is excited to present the ATR 72-500.   Developed with the cooperation of Avions de Transport Regional (ATR) in Toulouse, France, this has been one of Flight One Software's most exhausting development efforts. The work pays off with one of the most detailed add-ons ever produced for the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform.   Experience the ATR!   Exclusively designed for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004 (A Century of Flight), computer pilots can experience first hand what it is like to fly the real ATR 72-500.

A benchmark expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. So much more than an ‘add-on’, this is a whole suite of components to create the most detailed airliner experience yet!
This special ‘launch edition’ includes a bonus 80 minute DVD (worth €30 alone) of a flight from Gatwick to Orlando in the flight deck of a real 767-300ER made by ITVV. Essential and unique viewing if you want to see how a real 767 is flown!
In addition to the in-depth PDF documentation on disc, the package also contains a printed manual featuring a First Flight Tutorial that includes check lists and proper procedures and keyboard shortcuts. Plus there’s an amazing double-sided poster-sized “Panels Familiarisation Sheet” giving handy visual reference to the systems, panels and switches.

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The era of supersonic transportation begins and ends with Concorde. Developed as an Anglo-French joint venture to be the transport of tomorrow, its shape was distinctive and Concorde set pulses racing whenever it flew. After 28 years of commercial operation Concorde has had to take early retirement but, thanks to the team at PSS, this aviation icon will continue to dart across the skies of Flight Simulator 2004 at 23 miles-a-minute. The accuracy of this virtual Concorde is unmatched and it will take every ounce of your skill and dedication to master. Piloting Concorde Professional is the most challenging flying experience you'll ever have on your PC - this is a fact, not a slogan!

This add-on for the Microsoft Flight Simulator contains part of the Airbus fleet with 3 well-equipped Airbus models as well as 3 superbly detailed European holiday destinations.

The aircraft models, an Airbus A330-200, A321 and A320 all have highly detailed cockpits (2D and 3D). Real sounds, original instruments and a realistic flight model are only some of the highlights of these fabulous virtual aircraft. They all have a functioning Flight Management Computer (FMC). The cockpit and especially the FMC have been programmed for all users who don't want to spend hours of studying manuals before flying these aircraft. All models are easy to use and fun to fly. The FMC imports the standard flight plans of the Flight Simulator.

Commuter Airliners is a collection of highly successful aircraft for the short to medium range flights. These are the aircraft that populate airports all over the world and there is hardly a person who has not flown in at least one of them. From the small ATR 42/72, via the BAe 146 to the possibly the most succesful aircraft of these days, the Airbus A319/A320, all of these aircraft are done in great detail.
Built to compete with the Boeing 737, the Airbus 320 (with it's brother the 319), is designed to be efficient and cheap to operate. It was the first airliner in the world to be fully Fly-By-Wire.
Also special for an aircraft build in the 1980's is the advanced electronic flightdeck, with six fully integrated EFIS colour displays and innovative sidestick controllers rather than conventional control columns. The A320 also employs a relatively high percentage of composite materials compared to earlier designs.  The model from Aerosoft is fully updated to FS2004 and contains all the main panels, animations and even includes a complete push back module. Inlcudes additional modules like a load editor that loads you aircraft with passengers and weight. There is even a flight plan module that let's you select flight from the Eurowings flight schedule.
For an aircraft in this price range it is surprising that a fully functional FMC is included (we choose the best one around, the one of Flight One) that will push your flight the superb realism. Please note that we did not include a Virtual Cockpit in this model.
Aerospatiale and Aeritalia (now Alenia) established Avions de Transport Regional as a Groupement d'Intéret Economique under French law to develop a family of regional airliners. The ATR-42 was the consortium's first aircraft and was launched in October 1981. In 1986 a stretched version was launched under the ATR-72 type.  With the high wings, and the rather special sharkfin like propellors they are a familiar sight on most airports these days and form the mainstay of many regional routes all over the world. Strong and versatile, they will be around for a long time.  The model from Aerosoft is fully updated to FS2004 and contains all the main panels, animations and even includes a complete push back module. With additional modules like a configurator that makes it possible to configurate the aircraft (up to the accent of the pilots). A load editor loads you aircraft with passengers and weight. There is even a flight plan module that let's you select flight from the Eurowings flight schedule.  For an aircraft in this price range it is surprising that a fully functional FMC is included (we choose the best one around, the one of Flight One) that will push your flight to superb realism. Please note that we did not include a Virtual Cockpit in this model because the layout of the small cockpit makes it very hard to use the panels in VC mode.
What's better then an aircraft with two engines? Right, one with 4 engines and if possible one that is small enough to park on a small airport. Now AEROSOFT brings the aircraft that is in a class of it's own. The BAe 146, aka Jumbolino.  Fully updated from it's FS2002 version by the team that brought you EuroWings, this regional jet airliner made in the UK was designed to meet the demanding requirements of the regional air transport market where heavy utilisation on short flight coupled with high reliability are the most important requirements. Outstanding airfield performance (very short take-off and landing and high manoeuvrability) and very low noise levels are other attributes of the aircraft, which made it a money making machine for many airlines all over the world.   With two versions (200 and 300), and 36 (!)  liveries (see the list) this product will make you long for short runways, complex approaches and moderate weather. A pilots aircraft, looking for a new owner. For this price you can't afford to leave it. Click on the images to get a better view of the features of this great aircraft.
There have been a series of high end Airbusses for FS2004 but many of them are complex and demanding on hardware. For many simulator pilots who do not want to spend an hour before the flight there was only very limited choice. So Aerosoft decided to create a series of Airbusses that are between the high end (focussed on systems and procedures) and the default FS2004 aircraft. You can just load the aircraft, create a flightplan using the default FS2004 flight planner, load it into the Flight Management System and takeoff. The FMS is fully functional but it does not include some functions that actually have very little or no influence on FS2004.
The A330 is a highly successful long range airliner and is closely related to the four engined A340. Launched in june 1987 they became popular aircraft with airliners, mostly because of the rather low maintenance and operation costs. The fact that it shares it systems with other members of the Airbus family makes it cheaper to produce, but also means pilots spend little time checking out on these new machines. For passengers these are also favorite aircraft as the cabin is very quiet and in many configurations spacious.  The easy to use systems make it possible to handle all the demanding communications while still being in full control of the aircraft. Do not underestimate this aircraft, just download the manual and see how it reaches a perfect match between features and usability. You will be in the air in a matter of minutes and you will be using all the advanced systems in a matter of an hour.
FEATURES:  detailed Gmax model, night lighting, reflection, dynamic shine, high res texture map, animated thrust reverser, realistic flaps, realistic 2 pieces spoilers, hydraulic suspension, animated elevator trim, detailed passenger door animation, including folding bars and stairs, flight dynamics tuned by Pedro Oliveira (Project Concorde) and a real ERJ pilot; Christian Saerens, all textures are free, two versions of the plane one with the stair door and one with the sliding type, an excellent sound package by Skysong Soundworks.
The Vans Aircraft Company: The "Boeing 717-200 The Last Legacy" This model is a replica from the real one. Each and every detail are reproduced on this model without afecting frames per second and are based on flight and maintenance manuals from the aircraft.   Two kind of models has been included for those who prefer flying inside of Virtual Cockpit and for those who prefer without VC.
The long awaited MD80 Maddog is finally available for FS2004.
One of the most famous aircraft all over the world, reproduced in every small detail, to give virtual pilots maximum satisfaction. Every enthusiast will be able to simulate everything it takes to take off with this aircraft. With an accurated 3D model and an ultra realistic virtual cockpit, so much realistic it will seem to be aboard a real MD80, this product will become milestone for airliner add-ons. Included in the package are many liveries.
This is definitely a must have for all Flight Simulator lovers.
2 Aircraft models included
JetCity Model (2D panel only)
Lago Model (2D panel + Virtual Cockpit)

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