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The FlightCorse BasePack covers the integrality of the “Ile de Beauté” with high quality photorealistic textures. Each of the default airports on the scenery has been reworked to closely fit the phototexture with precisely aligned taxiways, buildings, and objects, greatly enhancing
these from the standard Flight Simulator 2004 fare. Therefore, the virtual pilot can experience both VFR and IFR flights within a very large zone with a degree of realism never attained before in this region.

1 - Entire Corsica photoscenery coverage (8500 sq. km).
2 - Textures made from high quality aerial photography (NOT satellite imagery), reworked for an
optimal rendition in Flight Simulator.
3 - Ground textures are summer only.
4 - Custom mesh for the whole region.
5 - Rivers, lakes and streams are faithfully represented and optimized with coast flattening
(no water “climbing”). These bodies of water are landable.
6 - 10 airfields/airports. These airports have been optimized to fit the photoscenery perfectly:
precise taxiway and apron positioning, replaced buildings and hangars, windsocks, towers, etc.
7 - All the airports’ surroundings have been reworked to remove the ‘cliff’ effect caused by
the presence of a precise mesh under the ‘flat’ Flight Simulator runways
8 - Extremely precise geo-referenced texture positioning, ensuring a maximal compatibility with
scenery add-ons for this region.
9 - Development process fully compliant with the Microsoft SDK, ensuring a maximal compatibility
with future versions of Flight Simulator.
10 - Open BasePack concept, allowing easy integration scenery add-ons from other editors.
11 - Optimization of the default scenery components for the region, allowing a better framerate
throughout the zone. With FlightCorse BasePack installed, the framerates are actually
better than the default Microsoft scenery.
12 - Comprehensive maps and flight documentation for all the included airports in PDF format:
(Enroute, SID/STAR, IFR plates, VFR approaches and airport diagrams.)

To find out more about this scenery add on, visit: or Release Page.html,35.953488,-120.186047,39.127907&size=s
FlightScenery and FranceVFR announce the release of Flight Course: Base Pack
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