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BirdsEyeView - USA-Canada Volume 1
Everyone is flocking over to BirdsEyeView to see what all the ruckus is about, and it appears that a virtual unknown in the FS9 addon arena has hit the the scene with a BANG! FS9, not really renowned for its ground textures, has just been given a facelift with what has been described as "An Extreme Makeover"!

BirdsEyeView (or BEV) USA-Canada Volume 1: Summer has been a hot topic for a few months on many of the major forums and last Saturday, October 8th, BEV finally became available for those who had eagerly anticipated the release.

SUMMER??? but isn't it FALL! Why yes it is, but, by the looks of it,
summer is going to be hanging around a bit longer on many flight
simmers computers. However with BEVs release of FALL coming soon, and winter, hard winter and spring following close behind, BEV is bound to take the FS Community by storm.

Here's just a taste of what recent customers are saying about BEV
Summer textures:

"In short, I feel that BEV is the final piece of the puzzle for VFR nirvana. Combined with FSGenesis mesh and Ultimate Terrain,the experience is uncanny and very close to what I see out of the window when flying to and from the Puget Sound. I'm looking forward to trying other areas of the country." - J.A.

"You have outdone yourselves. What I see now in my sim, is well worth the wait, and is by far the best scenery textures enhancer to date. I look forward to each release, of each season, of each continent, happy to give you my support. The landscape looks fantastic, the buildings are stunning, and the impact on frame rates is unseen if there are any. of
Art...deliciously sim-ful...Its like imagining what FS10 might be like and what I have seen so far (been flying all day) is a gorgeous looking sim. Your object placement, tree placement, roads placement, textures, the autogen, the configurator...if you guys make the next releases just as good, you have a customer willing to spend money where it is justly deserved....Thank you for all the hard work you put into this and what BEV will do for the FS community." -SAVAS

"You guys deserve an award. The WOW factor you were speaking of is
certainly an understatement. Thanks again for such a wonderful
contribution." Yes -N1G

"Yupp, just can't get enough, I'm burning jetfuel like crazy.Only
one word AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG Clap Clap " Ė hyfly
"Absolutely a stunning product.... I just took off for CYYC and did not even recognize the default FS9 scenery!" - Flyguy767

"Well just to thank all the team for producing such an outstanding addon for fs. It will completly renew the experiance of VFR for me. Very impressive. I can't comment too much, have to go to fly!"
- chacal

"Absolutely worth the wait! I am overwhelmed by the quality of this product!" -ROS

"I have to second that. In terms of the 'realism factor', it simply makes the landscape seem a lot more plausible in comparison with the default textures (which personally I'd previously been using for the US/Canada region). Not knocking the default textures for this part of the world however, as I did actually think they WERE quite good when combined with a good landclass addon such as FSG, for example. Yet with the BEV textures installed it just seems to bring the landscape to life, simple as that. Flying over the towns and cities with BEV can now be quite addictive to say the least, and considerably more interesting than before. Previously, flying over a built-up area didn't really seem like much of a big deal (i.e. with regard to GA flying) & it was only ever the flights over the more spectacular areas, for example, mountainous areas, National parks, etc. that were particularly interesting IMO from a 'sightseeing' point of view.
Now, even flying over the vast rural areas such as Kansas, Iowa for example (which to be honest are areas I always avoided before flying over before now) can seem a lot more plausible with these new rural textures. I also think that airfields/small airstrips have been greatly enhanced by the new autogen that skirts the airfield boundaries. With regard to autogen trees for instance, all previous incarnations have simply been too small in height to be realistic enough. The extra height of the BEV autogen trees (and indeed, the actual overall look of them) just somehow seem to make the airfields that much more realistic from your own viewpoint when in the cockpit taxiing around on the ground, and I think the new BEV airfield ground textures help to add to this touch quite nicely. On some small airstrips the new autogen is actually like addon scenery rather than just plain old's that good IMO." -Nick75

And many of the major forums have plenty more enthusiastic responses from some very happy customer.
At a price of only $12 per volume with every 4th purchase earning you a free volume, it's certainly is a small price to pay for a total transformation of the sim we all love to fly! So, take flight and cruise on over to and see for yourself what the rest of the community has already discovered...a brand new world to fly in!

You can find out more about this product at:
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