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Stevens Johnson Syndrome
Stevens Johnson Syndrome Counter
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Steve Hinson may be a familiar to some of you if you are into the military jets, for he was part of a team that helped to develop the freeware model, F14D, Tomcat and make it one of the most popular freeware aircraft downloaded. 

He always kept me informed of any updates to the model, and I was impressed with his devotion to the hobby by keeping all the other sites informed as well.  He was truly proud of this model, and very protective I might add!

Steve is going to be missed by not only his family, but by those of us out here that benefited from his love of flight simulation.

Steve's family is also in our thoughts.
In Memory of Steve Hinson
1956 - 2007
Steve was born in 1956, and passed over on October 5, 2007.  He lived in Oklahoma.  His family was with him when he died.

We'll miss ya Steve!  Here's to catching the "Wire" one last time!
Click Here to watch a video of the F14D