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MH-53 Pave Low USAF Grey Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low of the U.S. Air Force, in current grey scheme; utilizing the late Rory Kelly's outstanding CH/MH-53 Stallion model. A very fine effort from a master modeler,and a sad loss to the hobby, may we not forget.  Enjoy!  Mike Pearson  Peoria, Arizona USA
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Bolkow 105. The original model was created by www.gkfluski.de The paint is created by Chris Valk.  Description: This Bolkow is in use by the Dutch police. These are the old colors. The Dutch police have new colors in their fleet.   The registration of this Bolkow is PH-RPR. I have included 2 textures; Clean and Dirt.
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Gmax BlueThunder  This model was designed for use in 3d studio max.  The Aircraft is purposly nose heavy so you may notice it tilting foward. Model Sounds and textures by Alan Devins adevins@eircom.net
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FS2004 AH-64 Apache  Westland WAH-64 by Tom Woods and Mark Adams Sound-Manuel Gonzalez Includes HUD gauge by Steve Hanley A complete reworking of Tom Woods original Apache designed to give maximum frame rates in multiplayer. Dynamic VC, custom airfile,custom gauges,weapons effects and British Army paint-scheme Tom Woods and Mark Adams and Israel Air Force paint-scheme Cristiano Magnani
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The Bell 47    This helicopter has provided life saving and other activities as well as being  the first helicopter approved for civilian use. It was a life saver in the Korean war and its use in bringing wounded soldiers straight from the battlefield to MASH units was immeasurable in terms of lives saved.  Recognized  in movies and on tv shows, it has an infamous following as a world renowned helicopter and has a widely recognized and important role in aviation history.  Original design by: Jean-Marie Mermaz  Repaint and Rework of the reflective textures and transparencies (not the original ones but the ones by Ulrich Ferner) by: John  Blankenship
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FS 2004 Eurocopter Dauphin fast model. Over 240 Knts top speed. First helicopter in FS 2004 reaching over 200 Knts cruise speed.  Water landable.  Model and Texture by Antti Pankkonen  Panel based on one by Horst Paetzold  Panel modifications by Alejandro Villa  Flight dinamics based on a helicopter by Eduardo Fadul modified and adapted by Alejandro Villa
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FS2004 WESTLAND SEA KING HAR3A  The RAF operates the Sea King in the Search and Rescue (SAR) role,  and the big yellow helicopters have become a familiar sight on television news programmes as they carry out rescue operations all around the United Kingdom.  Background:includes aircraft,panel,gauges,sound.  By Edwin Thurston and Willy Vervaecke
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FS2004 Sikorsky S76 Corporate - Donald Trump  Credits  Based on Source Files By Lasse Lindh  Paintkit By Mal Lloyd
This Repaint by Bashir Ismail   Donald Trump's Shuttle As seen on T.V Serial "The Apprentice"

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