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July 4, 2007
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Multiplayer Events Calender
Below is a calender of events and some aircraft for folks to download and enjoy together on the same days via Multiplayer.  If you should like to utilize the server for an event, just drop me an email and let me know the particulars, date, time, what the event is about, aircraft to be flown, etc.  I'll pop the event onto the calender for you so others might jump in as well.  Remember, an "event" can be anything from a formal fly-in to some specific airport, or just a few of you wanting to get together, just for the fun of it.  If you want, and I am available, I could provide a minimal amount of ATC coverage, at least enough to keep you from flying into one another!  ;-)

You'll notice the pictures of some aircraft down below on the calender.  Click on the picture to download the aircraft for that days flying.  You can fly any aircraft you want to on the server. I just thought that in this way, folks can get together in an informal way, and fly the same aircraft on that particular day.  Formation flying always makes for some great screenshots and is a fun way to challenge your skills! 

Below the calender are the aircraft for month and some for the following month.  I will try to change these once in awhile to give some variety.  I just want you to know that the aircraft on this site are all freeware models that are VERY GRACIOUSLY provided to all us simmers at no charge!  Respect the authors copyrights!  The models that I choose are all top notch in their own way.  Some may need panel or sound files, or both, but for the most part, they are complete packages, ready to go!  They are all excellent in their own rights.  Below the calender is a short description of the aircraft for your information.

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March 2009
Golden Age Simulations 1929 WACO Taperwing Package  Installation:  Unzip the file to a temporary folder of your choice and then copy and paste each folder into your FS9 main Aircraft folder  By: Paul Corish and Gil Halpin
The Bell 47    This helicopter has provided life saving and other activities as well as being  the first helicopter approved for civilian use. It was a life saver in the Korean war and its use in bringing wounded soldiers straight from the battlefield to MASH units was immeasurable in terms of lives saved.  Recognized  in movies and on tv shows, it
has an infamous following as a world renowned helicopter and has a widely recognized and important role in aviation history.  Original design by: Jean-Marie Mermaz  Repaint and Rework of the reflective textures and transparencies (not the original ones but the ones by Ulrich Ferner) by: John  Blankenship
Download Aircraft
Grumman F14D Tomcat For MSFS 2004  Read all Docs! Enjoy!  Please welcome to our team: Darek Gurtowski, Warsaw, Poland: DFX-FS9/FSX Model Maker Marshall Baker, USA: Artist, Texture Design, FS9/FSX Duncan MacKellar, U.K.: Ai Scenary Specialist/Creator,
The Grumman
F-14D  Tomcat

FS9. Management: Ivan Kostic: Lead Flight Engineer/PM, Back up Flight Test Pilot/Ph.D Aerodynamics Steve Hinson: Co-lead PM/Systems Engineer/Sr. Flight Test Pilot/BSIEng.- Quality
Download Aircraft
Gmax F-86 Sabre for FS2004   This is an ALL NEW  Gmax F-86 Sabre for FS2004. There are 2 versions included.  A slatted wing version and a hard wing version. 26 paint schemes are provided.  There's a detailed and realistic looking virtual cockpit for a great flying experience.  I've also created a 2D panel with a combination of default and slightly modified default gauges. With the hard wing version there's an  
expanded VR cockpit model of the entire aircraft (minus the landing gear). Allowing for great Active Camera shots. I've included 2 Active Camera preset files for this purpose. Enjoy! File size: 28.4MB  Author: Kirk Olsson.  This aircraft is Freeware. The Gmax F-86 Sabre is for FS2004
Download Aircraft
MH-53 Pave Low USAF Grey Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low of the U.S. Air Force, in current grey scheme; utilizing the late Rory Kelly's outstanding CH/MH-53 Stallion model. A very fine effort from a master modeler,and a sad loss to the hobby, may we not forget.  Enjoy!  Mike Pearson  Peoria, Arizona USA
Download Aircraft
FS2004 Gmax F-117 Nighthawk The F-117A Nighthawk is the world's first operational aircraft designed to exploit low-observable stealth technology.  Model includes Moving surfaces, Bomb Doors, Pilot Visor, Opening canopy. Includes base textures for re-painters. Optonal files for download are f117pnl.zip - 2D Panel by Phil Perrott and
nhawksnd.zip - F-117 Sounds by Mike Hambly both available at www.flighsim.com ,Craig Richardson.
Download Aircraft
FS2004 Cessna 337/O-2 Package - This aircraft is built for FS2004.  The aircraft should work in FS2002, but I long longer directly support it.  I know that the GPS gauge used in the panel will not work in FS2002.  The base textures folder in this zip file contains base (unpainted) texture files for use in repainting.  Original author Mike Stone  -  REPAINT:SERGIO LAPORTE
Click To Download
Sopwith Snipe: Model by Stuart Green  This model is for use with Microsoft Flight Sim 2004 (FS9) and was made using Abacus Flight Sim Design Studio v2.24.   This is a multi res model with all the usual animations. There are two styles of aircraft included (early style and the later one with balanced ailerons and different rudder) together with 4 paint schemes.
FS2004 Republic F-84G Thunderjet Version 1.0 By Jens B. Kristensen 2006 The F-84 Thunderjet was one of the most important western fighters of the 1950's. It was produced in very large numbers, had a distinguished carreer with the USAF in Korea as a fighter-bomber, and was for a number of years the main equipment of many NATO air forces. 
Two paint jobs included: An F-84G of the USAF, Korea 1953, and an F-84G of the Royal Danish Air Force,  1955.  Please read the documentation before you fly  - available in the \Docs folder  of your \JBK F84G aircraft.
Download Aircraft
FS2004 F4U-1D Corsair (2) This International fighter was mainly used by the united states in the Pacific but was occationally put to use on the otherside of the atlantic in Great Britain.  Model includes Opening Cockpit, VC, Tailhook (for budding Carrier folk), lights, fully animated gears and flaps, Wing fold and we've even treated you to two
different Textures. An American and A British Texture.  Exquisite Original Model by: Gramps  Virtual Cockpit : gzr_groundhog   New RAF Textures: Anthony Totton    Download Aircraft
WACO Taperwing
Aircraft to be used for the remainder of December...

Some of the aircraft to be used for the
Month of January 2009...
Sopwith Snipe
Grumman F14D Tomcat
F-84G Thunderjet
Cessna 337
F-117 Nighthawk
F-86 Sabre
MH-53 Pave Low
Grumman F14D Tomcat
Grumman F14D Tomcat
Cessna 337